Surrogacy Legal Issues

Guidelines have been laid down to try to minimise misuse of the surrogacy technique; and a surrogate motherhood contract needs to be drawn up, which should specify that the child will become your legitimate child. This needs to be signed by the couple, the surrogate, and her husband.

Our legal consultant draws up this contract for you, so you are fully protected !

It's extremely important to find a reliable clinic! When there is so much money at stake, many doctors are tempted to cut corners , partly because it's so easy to do so - and it's so hard to check their actions ! It's easy to fool vulnerable patients . For example, clinics or agencies may take an advance fee and promise to find a suitable surrogate - who then backs out at the last minute because of a faked "personal or medical emergency". Some clinics take the money ; claim to perform the treatment ; and inform the patient that the surrogate is pregnant. They then add to the lie by saying that the surrogate unfortunately miscarried, with the result that all the money has been poured down the drain ( or into the clinic's coffers). Since there is no way of verifying any of this, the patient is completely at the doctor's mercy - and woe betide the patient who falls into the hands of an unscrupulous doctor !

Your best protection against being taken for a ride is to make sure you find a reputed clinic for your treatment !

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